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Apoyamos a las madres y sus hijas a través de programas de integración y participación.

Mom-To-Mom Magic: An Inside Look At A Pilot Program For Girls With Disabilities

Special Families Saint Julie Billiart has always been a project led by mothers of children with special needs. We have developed programs in Matagalpa, Nicaragua that support these mothers and their children. Our programs specifically address the violence to which they are often subjected. Two years ago, we did an investigation to determine if we were effectively combating this issue. There was little research on this topic, so we hired an outside consultant to help us research and evaluate our programs.

Thanks to support from the GlobalGiving Girl Fund, we have had the opportunity to meet with different community leaders in Matagalpa and to bring about more awareness. We were really surprised at how many people recognized the significance of Magical Shoes and the need to do it with affirmation. Mothers need to face issues within themselves so they can support their daughters. They need support from other mothers facing the same situation. Our continuous goal is to help mothers move forward in their own environment and grow along with their daughters because their relationship is very special and can make all the difference in the world—another bit of magic.

Familias Especiales Santa Julia Billiart, Matagalpa-Nicaragua